When his father Andrew first opened his business in 1994 he would spend his school holidays helping him in the shop and learning basic shoe repair skills. In over the last 20 years he has gained a huge amount of experience in shoe repairs.

Michael Is also a fully qualified locksmith with over 10 years of experience, and has expanded the business into new areas such as on site locksmithing, modern car keys, garage and gate remotes


Andrew spent his childhood helping his father at his boot making shop in London, he would help apply glue on materials and cut out leather for heel dressing. He learnt by watching and helping his father over many years.


When Andrew bought Cobblers of Kew Maria Quit her job to help him at the shop, over the past 20 years she has learnt many skills. Maria is the face of cobblers of Kew, when you walk in you will most likely be greeted by Maria who serves most of the customers.

She also does most of the stitching repairs on bags and shoes such as new zips and elastics as well as cutting keys.